Fever Ray

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Artist: Fever Ray

Music: Electronic


Song: If I had A Heart

Album: Fever Ray

TV/Movie: Vikings

Other Bands: The Knife

Name: Karin Dreier Andersson
Birth: April, 1975
Country: Sweden

Karin Dreijer Andersson goes under the artist name Fever Ray, is a brilliant and unique musician that hit the world with one of her amazing songs called “If I had a heart”, co singer Olof Dreijer, starring as the intro/soundtrack music to the hit TV show Vikings!

Fever Ray did not have the easiest of starts when releasing her album, Fever Ray, including four great singles – If I had a heart, When I grow up, Seven and Triangle walks. The album didn’t have the best of starts and many critics put her as a normal musician calling her vocals almost primal, her songs spiritual amid and soulless modernity, her music sounding as bare electronic bones, the album only got an average score and they seemed to prefer her previous album when she was in the band The Knife better.
But not all critics agreed, as an example, Alexander Tudor for Downed In Sound wrote that “minimal beats on each track prove to have been constructed with incredible attention to detail, as are the smooth synth washes, and electronic simulacra of birdcall or animal noises. The tempo may be nightmarishly unvaried, track after track, but it’s composed of glitches and bouncing balls

More and more critics fell in love with her album and she ended up with great critics such as “bloody marvelous” from Chris Jones from BBC’s Music, he also mentioning that it may not make sense to play if you’re prone to nightmares.

Since then the album seemed to grow amongst the listeners and spread across the world and eventually ended up as the intro music for Vikings.

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Album: Fever Ray

  1. If I had a heart
  2. When I grow up
  3. Dry and Dusty
  4. Seven
  5. Triangle walks
  6. Concrete Walls
  7. Now’s the Only Time I Know
  8. I’m Not Done
  9. Keep the Streets Empty for Me
  10. Coconut

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